2016 Aug 21: Texas teacher accused of having sex with teenage student she referred to as ‘a son from Sweden’

Från 2015/2016

Julieta Chiquillo, The Dallas Morning News

A former elementary school teacher has been charged with having an improper relationship with an 18-year-old exchange student whom she and her husband were hosting at their Houston-area home.

Nicole Allyson Jakubiak, 36, is accused of having sex with the Swedish teen between March and May of this year, according to a criminal complaint.

Court records show that both the former teacher and the student acknowledged the relationship.

The teen was a student at Cypress Ranch High School and Jakubiak a first-grade teacher at A. Robison Elementary School at the time of the alleged encounters. Both schools are part of Cypress-Fairbanks ISD.

Nicole Jakubiak
Nicole Jakubiak

State law forbids teachers from having sexual relationships with students in the school district where they work.

The relationship came to light after Jakubiak revealed it to two colleagues, who reported it to her principal, according to the complaint.

A colleague told a police officer that when she asked Jakubiak how she met the man she was having an affair with, Jakubiak said, ”Well, it’s not hard when they live with you.”

On her school website, Jakubiak wrote that her family hosts an international exchange student every year. …

The rest of the article may be read at Dallas Morning News



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